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Porta summer BARGAIN holding!


Summer sale of 2018 Porta until Sunday, July 29!
It is more advantageous by each shop re-reductions in price! Up to 80% of summer trendy items are OFF!

Off rates of each shop check the following data!
※Contents may be changed without notice

Come to sale by all means in summer of advantageous Porta☆

Sale contents of each Porta summer sale shop

Period Friday, June 29, 2018 ... Sunday, July 29
Store which is targeted for Porta


Business trip to Suntory Kyoto brewery beer stand


Of Suntory <beer factory of natural water> Kyoto brewery direct shipment
We hold beer stand which "Kyoto product" "The Premium Malt's" can enjoy.

In addition to "deep body" of The Premium Malt's and "gorgeous flavor to overflow",
Please enjoy discerning bubble "God bubble" creamy carefully to pour, and to be realized in one (you chew) at by all means this opportunity.

It is spot where you can drop in at in the case of work return and outing casually

Business Hours
Weekdays /16:00 - 21:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays /11:00 - 21:00

Period Friday, July 13, 2018 ... Sunday, August 05
Porta plaza (before information)


Porta X NEARLY (re-near) service start! Application downloading campaign now being held! !


☆Smartphone application NEARLY service start☆

Smartphone application NEARLY came to be available in Porta♪
We are holding application downloading campaign in commemoration of service start!
One of five people wins shopping ticket for 1,000 yen! ☆Please participate♪

※There is NEARLY walk-in terminal on the Porta information side (the shopping ticket ticketing machine side).
[campaign participation method]
①We download application from App Store, Google Play or QR cord (free)
②We have application open and, with screen after gift choice, input campaign cord << 01580001 >> of 8 figures.
 Campaign cord, please identify flyer of setting in hall.
③We challenge scratch game! During campaign period, one of five people wins prize by all means by lot.
※We cannot input when we get a wrong three times of input by code. Please connect with NEARLY support on this occasion.

[participation condition]
Please download application "NEARLY" for exclusive use of smartphone.
※One that participated cannot challenge other campaigns and the same campaign anymore in the past.
※Plurally impossible

※Only the elected person can register input form of elected candidate information.
※Successful right shall be able to use only the person of elected candidate and, in the case of next, may invalidate successful right.
・Transfer (for all payment, free) to third party
・Mail to any place other than the address where realization, elected candidate lives
・When there are defects in input contents
・When we judge that other we are inappropriate
・When we cannot confirm input of necessary information by elected candidate by date when we set

Period Sunday, October 01, 2017 ... Sunday, September 30


Music fountain "AQUA FANTASY" - schedule & program guidance ...


Performance time
April 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 21:30
May 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 21:30
June 20:00, 21:00, 21:30
Each time approximately 15 minutes (we start light fountain at five minutes ago)

<program of music fountain>

・Opening music (the spring sea, Gion short ballad, cherry tree cherry tree)
・Greetings of love
・Symphony of toy
・Than the "Carmen" KUMIKYOKU first bullfighter (as for ※ "Carmen" Kyoto Symphony Orchestra piece)
・Sing Sing Sing 

Annual performance time is this

Porta Thnq garden


News of campaign advantageous in Porta


In Kyoto Porta annual Passport and admission ticket of Kyoto aquarium, movie viewing ticket in T Joey Kyoto
We carry out "advantageous" campaign by the presentation such as city bus whole-day passes of Kyoto-shi Traffic Bureau.