Company Overview

Company Overview

■Company name
Kyoto Station Center
■The location
902, Higashishiokoujicho that goes down authority of Karasuma, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi salt alley
Authority of Kitsu, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi person Bridge Karasuma 579-27, Higashishiokoujicho, Nishi-iru Kitsu-ya bridge building
Seidai Oshikawa
April 11, 1977
■Business start
November 27, 1980
1 billion yen

Business purpose

(1) Business to perform construction such as building and store and management (including complex maintenance)

(2) Management of lock-up

(3) Rental contract business of real estate

(4) Business of dishes restaurant business, cafe

(5) Management of gallery

(6) Sale of food, miscellaneous goods, other various articles

(7) Offer of various services in Porta building

(8) Lease of advertisement thing

(9) Management of parking lot

(10) Travel agency business

(11) Insurance against loss agency and insurance agency based on Automobile Liability Security Law

(12) All associated business incidental to each front issue

Job Opportunities

We are not adopting now.

Approach about environment

Environmental policy [PDF]

About approach of global environment protection (May, 2015)
In Kyoto Station Center, "global warming measures" and "appropriate handling of refuse" become problem as large-scale company facility running Kyoto Porta.
○Promotion of global warming measures
Report of the greenhouse gas emission results of "company discharge reduction plan" based on "the Kyoto-shi global warming measures regulations" became S evaluation and received commendation from the Mayor of Kyoto.
○Weight loss and recycling promotion of garbage
We contract with two refuse collection transportation companies and perform instruction of weight loss, classification of garbage to store and light weight of refuse and work such as compression. We separate waste to 18 kinds and measure and recycle 14 kinds of those. Recycling promotion image was estimated as garbage reduction by these approaches and received for 2 consecutive quarters authorization from the Mayor of Kyoto as "garbage weight loss, 3R activity excellence office".

Approach about relief, security

Kyoto Porta basement inundation refuge plan [PDF]

Kyoto Porta underground shopping center disaster prevention promotion plan [PDF]

Financial statements notification